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We’re for us. The biggest hockey community, men’s league players.

We are a completely free site that collects data from all the beer leagues that we can. We are creating a Data Base (DB) for all of us men’s league players. Most of us don’t have a professional stats profile. You have to have played Junior, NCAA and up…. We have great talent in beer League hockey and we also have those players who love looking up their season stats. Others love pre-game scouting and/or looking up the guy who just lit you up over post-game pints. We typically only look up that player in the league we are playing in, and mostly on for the current season. With Men’s League DB, we’ll have all their historical data in one place. It will be an easy one stop shop. It’s a beauty DB, the dirty dangler DB, Goon DB, Duster DB or whatever you want.
We all deserve this.
This is for you,

Ryan Wolski, President
Men's League DB
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